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Emergency Loans is a company established to help clients obtain access to quick and easy loans with the most attractive interest rates in the industry. Our loan products are very easy to access because we do not require credit checks and all of the other time-consuming formalities. Our products are designed for people with urgent financial needs; hence, we would not waste time in reviewing and approving your loans.

At Emergency loans, we also believe that bad credit shouldn’t be grounds for loan application denials. We welcome all categories of borrowers; whether with good or bad credit history. In fact, our program is designed to be suitable and beneficial for people with bad credits. Another benefit of doing business with us is that you could use our services to rebuild your credit history.

Online Applications

We make it so easy that you don’t need to make trips down to our office before you can apply or get your loan approved. We also offer online application services so that you can apply easily through our website.

No Credit Checks

Our products are specifically designed for bad credit borrowers who often get denied loans from traditional lenders. We don’t believe in denying you access to needed funds due to your bad credit history hence, our ‘no credit check’ policy.

Competitive Interests Rates

One of the key benefits you get when you deal with us is that you would get access to the most competitive interest rates in the industry. Our interest rates are highly competitive and we sincerely doubt that you would find such rates anywhere else in the industry.


We understand our client’s needs for privacy and treat all applications with confidentiality. We don’t snoop around or try to snitch on you. In other words, we do not conduct credit checks or perform credit matching services. As soon as we receive your application, we would review it accordingly and approve it independently.

Fast Application and Approval

We understand financial emergencies and wouldn’t keep you waiting or give you the run around. Our application process is very fast and easy.

Application and Approval

Flexible Payback Options

We also offer you flexible payment options to make it easy for you to repay the loans. Our services are totally user friendly and designed with your best interests at heart.

So have you exhausted all your options for loans? Have been consistently denied or hit with unrealistic interest rates? Then it’s time to talk to us at Emergency loans, we’re definitely your last port of call!

Some of our products that you can take advantage of include :

  • Payday Loans

  • Guaranteed Home Loans

  • Guaranteed Auto Loans

  • Guaranteed Business Loans

  • Guaranteed Student Loans

 Payday Loans
Guaranteed loans

As soon as we receive your application, we waste no time in reviewing it. Our clients would usually get feedback on their applications within few hours.

We operate a very simple, easy to understand and fast process application process. To apply for a loan, you can either talk to one of our professional advisors or simply fill out our online application forms.

However, to participate, you must be able to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Payday Loans

  • Guaranteed Home Loans

  • Guaranteed Auto Loans

loans lists

At Emergency Loans, we do not conduct in-depth investigation into your past credit records and would never use it as a basis for reviewing your loan applications. This means that with or without bad credit, you can still qualify for our loans.

However, for you to completely enjoy all the benefits of our program and so that we can both build a lasting relationship together, it is advisable for you to repay your loans as and when due.

Emergency Loans has provided loans to millions of people all over the country and we are continually dedicated to helping you access the funds that you need in time. We are always available to field your questions and provide you with answers as quickly as possible.

No matter what your financial needs are, we have the best products with attractive rates. Our process is quick and reliable. Apply now to get instant approvals.